For as long as she can remember, Simone Holder has wanted to do stand-up comedy. But after decades of asking “what if?”, Simone finally began her own comedy career in 2019.

She has been fascinated by the craft throughout her life, watching hours of comedy specials and attending dozens of shows, always focused on learning the art of comedy from those who have inspired her.

Simone finally bit the bullet in the summer of 2019, overcoming her own self-doubt, as she signed up for a beginner class in Ottawa. The class provided the constructive and fun environment she had been craving, and ended with a “graduation show” alongside her classmates that could not have gone better.

Since then, Simone has performed at comedy clubs, open mic nights, and community events around Ottawa. She self-identifies as “a comedian to watch in 2020”, since no one else has yet, and she really wants to keep sharing her humour.