Guest appearances

Just Chill with Oliver George #34 – Simone Holder

November 29, 2020

Join Oliver as he chills with friend and fellow local comedian Simone Holder! Even though she only began doing stand up comedy 14 months ago, she has been performing almost non-stop since her debut. During which time she has been delighting audiences here in Ottawa, as well as in Toronto, Kingston and Montreal.

Things start off with Oliver asking about Simone’s experiences so far in the world of comedy, and how things shifted when the pandemic erupted. Particularly her decision to branch out into launching her own video podcasts during the initial lockdown. She goes on to describe an experience in which one of her shows (entitled ‘Black Don’t Crack’) ended up being the target of a racist tirade by members of the Ku Klux Klan!

This all leads the conversation into talk about the George Floyd protests, and further exploring Simone’s other personal brushes with racism throughout her life so far. Oliver then learns about Simone’s daunting medical history, finding out that she nearly died. Not just once… but on two separate occasions that were years apart!