Such fun!

January 28, 2023

Any time I get to do standup is an honour, a privilege, and a thrill for me.

I can’t express how much passion and love I have for this art.

I pinch myself every time I’m on stage because I still can’t believe that I get to do this!

Last night, the following factors just made it that much more special:

  • High school friends who I had not seen in DECADES got together to come out and support me
  • A work colleague who had bid on tickets that I donated to a weekend comedy show (venue and weekend of bidder’s choice) came out with her husband and had a great time
  • My friend and work colleague Derek (@dmellon1) took some amazing photos
  • Julie (@funny_girl_julie) was there to support and distract me from the pre-show jitters and amp up the excitement
  • I got to work with some outstanding comics: Hart (@hartmaphone), Ryan (@ryanmaglunob), and Andrew (@andpacker)